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TOPbookkeeper - Online Accounting & Inventory Controlling Software

Running small or medium size business and looking for a simple and affordable system for day to day activities such as Invoicing customers, sending statements, capturing expenses and monitoring profit and loss, TOPbookkeeper is the best solution. It’s a web base accounting system that you can use anywhere anytime without any special software or hardware installed. What just you need is an ordinary computer with internet access.

This software is suitable for many types of businesses.

Distribution agents / businesses
Vehicle, Vehicle spare parts and Vehicle servicing companies.
Import & Export companies.
Construction companies
Companies with multiple branches around the country.
Education, Legal, Health related intuitions.
Service base companies.
Electronic and Computer related businesses.

Setup for Distributor Agency Business

Setup for other type of Business


No special hardware or software required.

TOPbookkeeper is running in a cloud environment. You just need an internet connection with an ordinary computer.


A quick view of your business to make fast decisions.
Meters for your business health.

Invoicing & Payments.

Create Customer Invoices, Delivery Orders, and Credit Notes.
Create Invoice for Inventory Items.
Receive Payments fully or partially.
Print Statements for outstanding.

Purchasing & Expenses.

Create Supplier Invoices and Credit Note.
Pay fully or partially.
Keep track of outstanding payments.
Record your business expenses.


Create multiple Bank or Petty Cash Accounts.
Keep track of your transactions.
Manage Cheque Returns.


Manage your sellable stock.
Create Purchase Orders, Good Receive Notes & Suppler Return Notes.


Manage your business contacts (Customers, Suppliers & Payees).
Contacts will auto generate when creating Invoice, Credit Note or Expenses Claim.

Fixed Assets.

Record your long-term assets purchases.
Yearly depreciate your assets.  

Accounting Books.

Real-time General Ledgers, Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet.
Create Adjustment as necessary.  

My Business Settings.

Change document numbers (Invoice, Credit Note, etc.) as you need.
Add new Chart Of Account codes as your accountant advice.

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